Thursday, April 23, 2009

Standing O for Mr. Rendo

Hello to all my Ramblings Regarding RENDO readers. A special treat for you today. Frank was recently interviewed by Pat Hogeboom, author and columnist for Great South Bay Magazine, a Long Island Publication. This article is from the April 2009 edition. Her column is entitled LUVPATS. It's a marvelous article, and I knew you all would enjoy reading it. Reprinted in its entirety, here is: (photo: Frank Rendo) Standing O for Mr. Rendo "Ok, so life today is darned hard. We worry, we kvetch and what we all need is to smile more, to have a rest from anxiety, to bolster our belief in ourselves and in the Most Significant Other, whatever our faith may be. We need to lighten our hearts, to relax with friends and just allow ourselves to be uplifted. I have a secret I want to share with you, my readers. We do have that opportunity right here on the South Shore of our own Long Island and we don't even have to watch American Idol. He is Frank Rendo, a truly gifted man of song; a professional musician and a man with a special mission of spiritual uplift through music. The wonderful news is that you can hear him at many venues all summer long. (photo left: Frank Rendo-Credit: Frank Rendo, Sr.) Frank has that smile and a welcoming personality as he shares his music with others....and that voice! Oh, the voice that makes you smile, gives a shiver to your soul, and touches your heart. He is our own local song man whom you will hear at concerts far and near, singing hymns, good gospel, and often thrilling musical show tunes, each with a message to lift us up and give us hope in ourselves and in our future. ~ This is music we love, without the lectures, or any sense of guilt. It is given with joy, just to those who hear him, and then we can listen to his wonderful CDs. He is a man with a mission. It isn't meant to convert people or to insult one group over another; it's to find joy in trust, love for our fellow man, presented where people can just have a good time. Frank is often performing gratis for a good cause that he believes in, such as the restoration of Oakdale's tiny St. John's church, or for Jesus Alive, the group that collects food for the needy. Since he is such a fine professional musician, he is more often performing for his livelihood at concerts all over the country including many sojourns to Europe where he is known in many places and is invited to return. ~ He began singing as most true musicians do, as a child, singing in choirs, both in church and in concert groups at school. He began to do plays as well and a great deal of community theatre so he is completely comfortable on the stage. He has performed in dozens of musicals, even playing Jesus in "Jesus Christ Super Star" but he has also appeared in commercials and TV shows. He honors his own choral teacher, Elizabeth Armstrong, now retired from Central Islip where he went to school. He can actually sight read and sight sing music, a rare skill. He began his own business in high school, making recordings and doing professional concerts. A college graduate, he also studied theology with his music, but it wasn't until later that he began to focus on the spiritual aspects of his songs. His two bands, Front Line and Epiphany, have traveled the USA, Europe and Israel as well. His own traveling concert is titled, "Frank Rendo: More Than A Concert." He has appeared at the Nassau Coliseum and Westbury Music Fair where he has headlined and co-produced the "One Night a Year" concert. ~ (photo: Frank Rendo - Credit: Frank Rendo, Sr.) This summer he will be on the South Shore at St. John's, Oakdale, sometime in June [Sunday, June 14, 2:00 p.m.] to help with their restoration, and in August [Sunday, August 23, 3:00 p.m.] he'll be in Bay Shore at the Band Shell, among many scheduled appearances. On Saturday, May 2, he will also be performing at his regular concert in East Northport. So, it's a bit off the South Shore but "Samantha's Li'l Bit of Heaven," [631] 262-1212, is the most unique musical venue I've ever experienced, and it doesn't hurt us to explore. It is a charming place on Larkfield Road that holds musical events every Saturday evening. Frank usually is there on the first Saturday of the month where his fans gather to hear him. Wait until you hear him sing, "A Place Called Hope," or the one that reduced me to tears, from Les Miserables, "Bring Him Home," that he sings for the troops. You will jump to your feet and cheer for him, begging for more, and he won't let you down. The man sings for two solid hours with two short breaks, when you can have coffee, or tea and a dessert and chat with total strangers who can't live without his uplift in their lives. Do I sound like one of them? That just might be the case. Find out more about him at, or You can hear some of his music, too. His CDs, however, are real quality. Let your inner self find some peace with song. Once you hear him, you won't be able to say no to this man." ~ So.....there you have it! Don't you think that was nicely written? I certainly do, and I'm happy to have received a copy to be able to share with all of you. Pat Hogeboom IS a fan of Frank Rendo, and I believe she quite captures the essence of Frank in this article. His voice is one of those that once you hear it, you will never forget it - and you will never want to be without it available to you. I have seen Frank "perform" briefly once, but not in concert. I am awaiting that day, because for as much as I love this man's music, I know that watching him perform it will be a truly amazing experience. The videos I have seen show me that Frank is the "consummate performer/entertainer" , and his audiences will always get the "best" of him. ~ Bravo and Kudos to you, Frank!! I hope the summer is filled with Frank Rendo music for all of my readers, as well as those Long Islanders who can see these noted performances in person, along with the many more Frank will be doing. As a reminder, you can order any of Franks's CDs by writing to him at, or you can order them from, or you can certainly e-mail me at, and I'll see to it your order gets to you, Post-haste. ~ Hmmm....the wonderous sounds of Summer enhanced with the beautiful music of Frank Rendo. Now I ask you....who could ask for anything more? ~ ~Martini

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