Monday, August 2, 2010

A new look at Frank Rendo's DON'T LAUGH AT ME

Hello fans and friends of Long Island's own awesome recording artist, Frank Rendo:

Many of you are aware by now that Frank's latest CD, a wonderfully crafted collection of songs by some gifted composers, DELIVER ME, also includes the single DON'T LAUGH AT ME.  

"Don't Laugh At Me" is a very important song in our society, and especially just now, as there have been so many recent reports of terrible injuries, deaths, and even suicides that have resulted from bullying!  I have known way too many "victims" of bullying during my lifetime, and I want to do my part to stop this  intolerable behavior.  We all have a responsibility to educate those around us about the horrible effects of bullying, and to garner enough support to stomp it out altogether.  We must unite on this effort.

Frank's interpretation of this beautiful song is heart-wrenching, as you will hear by clicking on the video, below.  He sings it with such sincerity;  such warmth and feeling - it is evident that the message is a most important one to him.

Frank's version of DON'T LAUGH AT ME has received airplay on various radio stations throughout the US, and it meets with nothing but positive, heartfelt comments from his listeners.  This record needs to be played on every radio station in every town, and brought to every single school across America.  Listening to Frank sing this story will bring a tear to your eye, and an awareness to your heart that this problem is such a real one in our society that must be dealt with, now!

Please enjoy this new video of Frank Rendo's  "DON'T LAUGH AT ME."  Let's do our part to help Frank in his quest to stomp out bullying of any sort - children or adults, and get the message across that " don't have to be my friend, but is it too much to ask...Don't Laugh at Me?..."

Frank remains busy with singing engagements throughout the New York metropolitan area, and continues to appear at "Samantha's Li'l Bit of Heaven" on the first Saturday night of every month.

"DON'T LAUGH AT ME" is available on Frank's CD, DELIVER ME, which can be purchased at; digital downloads are also available at cdbaby, as well as at

Get your copy of Frank Rendo's incredibly touching interpretation of the moving composition "Don't Laugh At Me," today!

Wishing each of you my musical best,


Photo credit:  Dominick Avento III

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Anonymous said...

Hello Frank....It's been much too long...but wow have you been busy. I love this song!!!!This is so important...Once again you are singing about real life and reaching out to those who soooo need to hear you.